Robert Paul Corless has spent the best part of three decades cultivating a reputation as one of Manchester’s most prolific and intriguing musicians and producers.

After making a name for himself as the frontman of the much-loved underground collective Gabrielles Wish, he has released around 30 albums in three years as a solo artist.

This has led to him exploring ever-more experimental paths in the process – collaborating with spoken word artists and producer & remixer Arkestar.

Now, with a brand new website providing a platform to delve into his extensive solo works – and an always insatiable thirst to push his sound further – it’s an exciting time for this prolific artist.

The new website is an immersive guide to every single release Corless has unveiled – including A-Sides & B-Sides. They’re the kind of soundscapes a listener cannot avoid getting lost in.

Completely free of gimmickry and existing outside an industry that breeds the uniform, each release taps into the ethereal and the avant garde, while remaining anchored by an industrial core that flows through the veins of this Manchester stalwart.

While the streets around him have changed beyond recognition, the determination and workman-like ethos of Corless have remained a constant. With that in mind, there’s never long to wait until something fresh, boundary-pushing and truly enthralling is added to his already glittering catalogue. Sign up to the mailing list to stay in the loop.